Service & important information

Lost and Found

Items can be handed in at the Tourist Information office, Goslar, Markt 7. Lost valuables which are not picked up within three days will be passed on to the lost and found office at the City of Goslar Service-Centre, Charley-Jacob-Straße 3 where they can be collected.

Public Toilets/Restrooms

There are several public toilets/restrooms available:

  • Car park at the Kaiserpfalz (Imperial Palace)
  • Behind the Town Hall
  • Jakobikirchhof (St. Jacob’s Church)

You may also use the restrooms at the surrounding venues.

Nappy-changing facilities

  • dm (drugstore) inside the Kaiserpassage shopping centre, Breite Straße
  • Rossmann, (drugstore), Breite Straße

First Aid

Listed below you will find an overview ot the most important emergency services in Goslar:

  • Pharmacy on emergency service
  • Hospital: Asklepios Harzklinik Goslar: Phone 05321-440
  • Police (in case of default of emergency number 110) Phone 05321-339-0
  • Fire brigade and rescue service emergency number 112
  • Doctor on call: Phone 01805-1120451
  • Pedeatric emergency service: Phone 01805-1120455